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Tongues in Trees helps individuals and teams to perform at their peak in the most challenging business environments.

Using powerful coaching tools and innovative visualisation and storytelling techniques we help people to communicate purposefully and persuasively  -  as leaders, decision-makers, collaborators, business developers and innovators. 

The daily demands and stresses of working life are precision-tooled barriers to our development as leaders, collaborators and innovators.  Starved of the space needed for insightful reflection we fall back on default beliefs, habits and behaviours.  Problems are solved reactively - with quick fixes - rather than by dealing with underlying causes.  We are less present and attentive to others needs.   Unproductive habits, processes and relationships are perpetuated.


When we learn to listen - to ourselves, to others, to our environment - we discover how our beliefs and fears, our training and cultural conditioning often produce these behaviours. This realisation lets us explore other more productive and creative ways of acting.  We learn to ask questions - in a spirit of genuine enquiry - and to listen to the answers - reflectively, attentively.  We create the time and space to become more effective communicators - listening wisely and compassionately - and better leaders - acting courageously, compassionately and creatively.

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Transforming conversations

We all think we're good listeners but mostly we're not.  When we truly listen - inquisitively, attentively, gratefully - we encourage deep reflection, in ourselves and others, unearth new insights, build trust and challenge the status quo. 

Illustrated coaching

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Using innovative graphic novel

visualisation techniques in individual and team coaching sessions, participants' states of mind are literally "drawn out", helping them to resolve internal conflicts, articulate their collective vision and purpose, and interact with authenticity.

Performing at your peak

We all have the potential to perform more effectively.  If we want to grow - as business leaders, as innovators - we can.  Employing a programme of planned incremental change, time optimisation and compassionate self-monitoring we can extend our performance capacity much further than we imagine.

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Meirion Jones

I am an experienced coach and  trainer.  I trained as a business coach with Meyler Campbell, and have a certificate in coach-mentoring supervision from the Oxford Mentoring & Coaching Group and accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. 


Drawing on a range of complementary principles and skills - including co-active and person-centred coaching, NLP, mindfulness and visual storytelling - my coaching style is energetic, attentive and facilitative.  It is also grounded in a deep understanding of the commercial realities and challenges of my clients’ working environments.

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