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Consultative selling

Consultative selling essentially involves asking your client or target open, exploratory questions.  It means ignoring your internal monologue and, instead, listening fully and attentively to the answers....          

                    ....then asking again.

It means trusting in the value of questions to encourage reflection and self-discovery, to unearth information and new opportunities, to add value that neither you, nor your target might have anticipated.  And it means consciously switching off the desire to offer solutions at the earliest opportunity.


While the temptation is often to press quickly for the client's commitment, the more time spent exploring the deeper issues that underpin the client's business, the greater the likelihood of identifying crucial topics of interest and concern.

Our consultative selling training and coaching focuses on helping individuals to pursue and win actual client/target contacts.  We help to develop practical sales and targeting strategies then help them to put them into practice - nurturing the skills to build rapport and deepen their understanding of their client's challenges and (often) unspoken needs.

"Questions are the engines of intellect - converting curiosity into controlled enquiry."

John Kotter, Leading Change

"A well phrased question will literally lead to a release of energy in the brain of the person being questioned."

David Rock, Your Brain At Work

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