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What happens?

Teams are given packs of themed, 

pre-drawn comic panels.

...writing and inserting the dialogue into blank, self adhesive word balloons and boxes.

Using layout grids for guidance they collaborate in creating a meaningful story, assembling the panels in their chosen order...

Random graphic novel panel montage
Ordered graphic novel panels
Graphic novel page with dialogue
  • Graphic Discovery is an immersive team development and coaching programme.

  • Using the language of the graphic novel it unlocks creativity, builds inter-team empathy, resolves conflict and encourages new, shared perspectives on problem-solving.

  • Working with sets of dramatic visual templates, participants create their own graphic short stories

  • This highly visual storytelling mode disrupts participants’ habitual approaches to reasoning and decision-making. 

  • It encourages greater self-awareness and receptivity towards others’ stories, and more powerful collaboration. 

Bubble title image final.png

How does it work?

Teams are given an introduction to the conventions of graphic novel storytelling.


Against the clock, they create their own graphic stories.

By taking rapid creative decisions the results are surprising, dramatic and insightful.

In debrief we learn about their collaborative storytelling process, their approach to conflict management and insights into their roles and self-perceptions. 

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